Company Perforated Diffuser Available

Product NameCompany Perforated Diffuser Available
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • Perforated Face Ceiling Diffuser (PD) — Air Diffusion

    The redesigned Model PD square perforated face ceiling diffuser is intended to be compatible with 3 main ceiling grid sizes 300 x 300, 500 x 500 and 600 x 600. It is offered in a variety of flange styles to suit most contemporary ceiling grid systems.

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  • Hard And Reliable, Multi

    Avail perforated plate diffuser with superior quality from the testified manufacturers and suppliers. perforated plate diffuser are distributed into various kinds on the basis of their shapes, sizes and dimensions. Select the right perforated plate diffuser as per your purpose to be solved. They will help you hack down your work load to a great

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  • Perforated Steel Supply Diffusers

    Perforated Steel Supply Diffusers MODEL 4320CB Steel Perforated Supply Diffusers Round Necks 24*24 Lay-in Frames, White Finish, Adjustable Curved Blade in Neck NECK SIZE CFM PART # 6″ 4320CB06 8″ 4320CB08 10″ 4320CB10 12″ 4320CB12 14″ 4320CB14 MODEL 7300 Molded fiberglass Foil Back Perforated Supply Diffuser – White Finish 24*24 module Only MODEL 4320 Available

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  • Perforated Diffusers

    Perforated Diffusers. Perforated diffusers are available with round or square inlets. By simple on-the-job adjustment, 1-way, 2-way, 2-way corner, 3-way, or 4-way patterns are attained. Matching supply and return models are available for plaster, T-Bar, Fineline, or spline ceilings. Models are also available with adjustable curved vane pattern

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  • AirConcepts Perforated Grilles

    General Info: Can Be Utilized For Supply / Return / Exhaust Exposed Side Duct Mount. Sizes: 12x4 24x4 36x4 12x6 24x6 36x6 12x8 24x8 36x8 12x10 24x10 36x10

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  • Perforated Face Diffuser

    Perforated Face Diffuser - R.L. Williams & Company provides the best commercial HVAC equipment and supplies available along with prompt professional service. 405-475-2810

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  • Perforated Diffusers

    Steel Face and Steel Backpan Construction Hinged, Removable Face with 51% Perforated Open Area Various Frame Styles and Panel Sizes Available Square and

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  • Perforated Diffuser » Diffuser » Products » Fairflow

    Supply air diffusers are provided with plenum box. Because of high induction rates, velocity and temperature will be equalized quite rapidly above the occupied zone. Standard Finishes. Powder coated color finish as per RAL color codes. Flexibility of finishing available as option. Model APCD+D Type: Perforated ceiling diffuser with damper.

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  • Perforated Face Swirl Diffusers

    Manufactured from aluminium with press formed blades, the units have an aesthetically pleasing perforated face which has Ø 4.5mm holes on an 8mm pitch, giving a free area of 49.7%. They are available in a range of 4 standard ISO sizes in 3 different frame configurations to suit 4 nominal ceiling grid sizes.

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  • Perforated Face Supply Diffuser, Star Pattern

    The perforated supply diffuser with star pattern controllers (PDSP) is extremely versatile, available in a wide variety of sizes with a full selection of frame and mounting styles. The star pattern pattern deflectors produce a tight horizontal air pattern that is field adjustable between a standard 4-way square and a 4-way side star discharge

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  • Titus HVAC | Engineering Innovative Air Distribution

    Steel perforated diffuser with face mounted deflectors for drop face ceilings. PMC. Modular core diffuser with perforated face. PCS. Steel perforated neck-mounted curved blade deflectors. PSS-AA. Aluminum face, steel backpan perforated supply diffuser with star pattern deflector. PXP-AA.

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  • Ceiling Diffusers |

    Nailor 4300 Series Perforated Diffusers feature a high free area perforated face, available in both corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum construction, supply and return models. Backpans are available in corrosion-resistant steel with an option for aluminum construction.

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  • Diffusers

    Ruskin is pleased to present our line of diffusers for use in air distribution systems. Available for concentric, specialty and industrial applications in plaster, t-bar or open ceilings, these units offer a broad CFM range with low noise levels and wide throw range. Ruskin units can be used in schools, distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or wherever large area air

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  • Airmaster | Square ceiling diffuser | Ceiling Diffuser

    Opposed blade damper is screw operated from the face opening of the diffuser after removing the internal core. Lever operated damper as option. Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as option to avoid air leakage. Suitable for flush mounting in lay in type ceiling. Stamped frame and core available. Available in rectangular sizes as

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  • Stock Products tagged "Square Diffusers" | ARCHITECTURAL

    Square Ceiling Diffuser 4 Way from $7.00 Request A Quote Whether it's a project for bid, an awarded project or for project specs, requesting a quote – we are happy to efficiently assist you with your REQUEST ONLINE or give us a call at 800-387-6267.

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  • Architectural Perforated Diffuser, Supply

    This diffuser makes use of a hinged, removable perforated faceplate with quick-release spring latches for easy access to pattern controllers, dampers, and duct work. With a diffuser height of only 3 in. the architectural perforated diffusers require minimal ceiling plenum height.

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  • Catalog Home

    The 6400 series perforated diffusers uses modular air pattern controllers mounted to the backside of the perforated face, which are factory set for 4-way air pattern. They are field adjustable for 1, 2, or 3-way pattern or may be removed for down blow without reducing the core area.

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  • Ceiling Diffusers

    The SSCLCD Series Concentric Louvered Ceiling Diffuser is available in multiple throw patterns and can be built to any opening size for surface or lay-in mounting. SSPLT-R CB The lay-in 51% Perforated Supply Diffuser manufactured in type 304 Stainless Steel is designed with surface mount frame for installation.

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  • Aluminium Diffuser

    We are highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting a remarkable range of Perforated Diffuser. Description: Ideal for supply and return air distribution through false ceiling installations. perforated diffusers are available in all standard tile sizes.

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    The SSPERF-S Stainless Steel Perforated Face Ceiling Diffuser with louvered deflectors is an economical solution of providing positive air flow without limiting volume. The 3/16″ round perforations on 1/4″ staggered centers allow for 51% free area.

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  • Spectrum

    FEATURES AND BENEFITS Can be used to retrofit Titus perforated diffusers Available with self adhesive color appliqués (choice of 9 standard colors) Ability to add custom company

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