description Perforated Diffuser Available

Product Namedescription Perforated Diffuser Available
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • Aluminium Diffuser

    We are highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting a remarkable range of Perforated Diffuser. Description: Ideal for supply and return air distribution through false ceiling installations. perforated diffusers are available in all standard tile sizes. Accurate perforations are made using CNC machines; Dimensions: Perforation

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  • Perforated Swirl Diffusers by Colman Air Distribution

    Description Combining efficiency with aesthetics, the Colman PS type is available with a choice of four swirl diffusers sitting behind a perforated fascia. The swirl can be painted to a variety of RAL colours and the unit can be made to fit standard lay-in, tegular or recessed ceiling types.

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    Description. Frame is fabricated from high quality extruded aluminium profiles with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.For supply air diffusers, perforated sheet is slightly lowered below the center line. This arrangement provides improved horizontal airflow. Different types of internal cores can be fixed inside the

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  • Perforated Diffusers

    Steel Face and Steel Backpan Construction Hinged, Removable Face with 51% Perforated Open Area Various Frame Styles and Panel Sizes Available Square and

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  • Aluminum Perforated Diffuser with Pattern Controller

    The series 7000 is an aluminum, perforated supply diffuser with curved blade pattern controllers mounted in the neck of the diffuser. Pattern controllers are adjustable from a horizontal to vertical discharge pattern. The face is secured with

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  • Anemostat: XS800

    2 sizes available: XS800-7 & XS800-3. Triangular shaped diffuser protrudes down from ceiling plane. Aluminum deflector grid behind perforated face for tight horizontal pattern. Perforated face 3/16" diameter holes on 1/4" centers – 51% free area. Perforated linear supply diffuser available up to 72" single section.

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  • TID | TROX GmbH

    LBS – screwed perforated plate diffuser face: A perforated plate diffuser face with a perforation of RV 6.0–8.0 with a free cross section of approx. 51 % is included in the supply package ex works; the perforated plate diffuser face is attached to the discharge nozzle with lugs at the edges; this variant is particularly suitable for direct

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  • Perforated Face Ceiling Diffuser (PD) — Air Diffusion

    Description. The redesigned Model PD square perforated face ceiling diffuser is intended to be compatible with 3 main ceiling grid sizes 300 x 300, 500 x 500 and 600 x 600. It is offered in a variety of flange styles to suit most contemporary ceiling grid systems.

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  • Perforated Ceiling Returns

    PRN Perforated Face Returns are currently only available in steel, 24″x24″ for T-Bar applications. They offer a 51% open area and match in appearance PSM, PSML, PSI and PSIL supply diffusers. Submittal Drawing. PRT Metal Back, Square Opening. Full face perforated panel with 3/16″ holes on 1/4″ staggered. 51% open area.

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  • Acoustic Panels: One

    Diffusers make the room lively by providing reflections to produce a uniform diffuse field. Some of the main features which need consideration while choosing an acoustic panel for your design are: category (absorber or diffuser), finish of the product, cost, durability and, most importantly, the NRC.

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  • DTR Perforated Diffuser

    The diffuser shall have a galvanised steel casing with a spigot with integral gasket for connection to circular duct. The diffuser shall have a detachable perforated front panel that provides access to the duct. Option 2: With balancing plenum. The diffuser shall be connected to a balancing plenum equipped with a measurement and adjustment module.

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  • Anemostat: QCP

    Application. Perforated supply diffuser with modular cores that are easily configured for 1, 2, 3, or 4 way horizontal air discharge pattern to meet changing space needs. Perforated face hides diffuser cores and minimizes core tampering. Exhibits excellent VAV performance maintaining a horizontal pattern for the entire operating range.

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  • Tube Air Diffusers for Aeration Tanks

    There are currently many types of air diffusers available on the market. They can vary in shape (disc, tube, plate) as well as material (ceramics, PVC, EPDM, polyurethane, silicone). Tubular diffusers are the most popular today.

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  • Grills and Diffusers | Alnor

    The prevailing types of the end elements in ventilation systems of office, industrial or public utility buildings are round or rectangular ventilation duct grills or ceiling-mounted air diffusers and air exhausts.The grills are available with vertical or horizontal slats, also with half-open or slat dampers – depending on the type, they are used for air supply or air exhaust.

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  • DPPN

    DPPN - Steel Perforated Ceiling Diffuser w Polifoam Lay-in diffuser 24” x 24”. High-efficiency distribution box (insulated). Round neck for flexible duct connection. Air shock plate. MATERIALS: Steel perforated mesh, with 50% free area which is easily removable to facilitate the cleaning process. With insulation 1- 1/2” thick R6. FINISH: Baked electrostatic paint (polyester) bright white

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    PERFORATED CEILING DIFFUSERS CEILING DIFFUSERS Standard Types MODEL : TDCP-TG Standard Finishes Natural anodized aluminium finish Powder coated colour finish, other colors as option and Dampers can be supplied in black colour as optional. STANDARD SELECTION Flexiblility of finish is available as option.

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  • Perforated Diffusers

    Series PS Perforated Diffusers with matching returns have high diffusion induction rates resulting in rapid temperature and velocity equalization of the mixed air mass well above the zone of occupancy. The horizontal performance of their air pattern baffle ensure confident use of cooling differentials of 25 degrees Farenheit and greater at predicted low air motion 35 fpm in the zone of occupancy.

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  • Airguidemfg

    An optional round opposed blade damper is available. Perforated Ceiling Diffuser Product Description An extruded aluminum outer frame retaining the removable aluminum

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  • EXP

    Perforated extract air diffuser for suspended ceiling systems EXP a 600- bb Version: Size Model: C, R1, R2 Specification text Perforated diffuser without duct connection Swegon's square extract air diffuser EXP for installation in suspended ceiling systems. • Powder-painted and baked white finish, RAL 9003/NCS S 0500-N.

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  • Air difiusers and dampers

    All air diffusers, with a few exceptions, are painted in our white standard colour with colour code NCS S 0500-N/ RAL 9003. All painting is done by electrostatic powder coating, which is oven-cured. This provides good impact resistance and scratch resistance and a very high-surface finish. Colours other than standard are available. Contact your

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  • P Series

    Description The diffusers are offered in four styles, the PT which has no outer frame and is suitable for lay in T bar ceilings, the PS for surface mounting, the PR for recessed mounting and the PX for threadline ceilings. All frames are manufactured from high quality aluminium extrusions with perforated steel face plates.

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