Equipment Air Diffusers

Product NameEquipment Air Diffusers
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • Custom Air Distribution Equipment

    From air diffusers, grills and registers, we can be your fully reliable and trusted HVAC supplier. If you have any queries regarding HVAC supplies, feel free to contact our experts. Air Ventilation Equipment. Air ventilation equipment plays a critical role in enabling cooling and heating systems to function properly.

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  • Silver Series II membrane disc diffusers | Xylem US

    Safe diffuser DWP recovery system. Diffuser Properties. Silver Series II membrane disc diffusers. Diffuser types (mm) Saddle and Screw-on - 178 mm and 229mm. Diffuser types (inches) Saddle and Screw-on - 7" and 9". Typical operating air flow range per diffuser. 0.5 scfm to 7 scfm (0.8 Nm3/h to 10 Nm3/h)

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  • OVIVO® MS Diffuser

    Closing the air bleed valve and rapidly opening the air supply valve results in a violent flushing jet that effectively purges the MS diffusers located on the end of the drop pipes. This is a very different situation from other air diffusers where backflow through the diffuser can cause severe fouling, and submerged check valves are needed to

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  • Square HVAC Diffusers

    A square diffuser provides high volume air diffusion; multi-louver models control air volume. Perforated diffusers feature a clean, unbroken plane look and reduce noise in low volume air applications. Choose the type and size that fits your ductwork. Shop a wide selection of HVAC diffusers at Grainger today.

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    Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) is a full-service organization offering turnkey municipal and industrial aeration systems for biological treatment, lagoon solutions, aftermarket parts for all brands, field contract services for equipment installation, maintenance, and energy saving upgrades. EDI offers Integrated System Solutions with diffusers, blowers, mixers, next-generation

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  • Compare prices on aquarium air diffusers – Shop best value aquarium

    Hot promotions in aquarium air diffusers on aliexpress: Great news!!!You're in the right place for aquarium air diffusers. By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for,

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  • Tideflex Aeration and Mixing Systems | Red Valve

    While conventional fine and coarse bubble diffusers typically clog with sludge when airflow is interrupted due to blower shutdown or power failure, Tideflex Aeration Diffuser Valves maximize mixing while totally isolating the wastewater from the air manifold and related equipment and instrumentation.

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  • Raymon Donco Air Distribution Equipment

    Diffusers Distribution Plenums Critical Environment Luminaire Troffer Accessories Home © 2021 Raymon Donco Air Distribution Equipment. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Titus HVAC | Engineering Innovative Air Distribution

    The key to successful underfloor systems is the ability of the underfloor diffuser to rapidly mix room air into the supply air at low velocities. Learn more about UnderFloor. VAV Diffusers. Titus brings both accuracy and flexibility to the variable air volume (VAV) market with T3SQ VAV diffusers. The T3SQ combines the functions of a VAV

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  • Aquaculture Aeration & Oxygenation

    Choose from our selection of quality water aeration equipment: • Air diffusers (including air stones and bubble diffusers) sit underneath the water and release oxygen or other gasses in the form of bubbles. We offer both coarse and micro bubble diffusers with a range of different diffusing areas and flowrates. • Surface aerators work at the

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  • Underfloor Technology Design Guidelines

    11B. Active Diffusers Active diffusers are defined as air supply outlets that rely on a local fan to deliver air from the plenum through the diffuser into the conditioned space of the building. Passive diffusers can generally be converted to an active diffuser by simply attaching a fan-powered outlet box to the underside of the diffuser or grill.

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  • Suzhou Foundation Hvac Equipment Co. Ltd.

    equipment Air Diffusers Air Handling Unit Fan Coil Unit Tell Us What are you looking for? Will call you back Contact Us Mr. Zhou Xiao Mei 11f-1101 No.199 Shishan Rd., New District,

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  • Aerators & Aeration Equipment | Fluence

    Fluence's TORNADO® Aerators deliver all the mixing and aeration you need, without the splash, eliminating concerns about contamination. Our subsurface propellers deliver aeration and mixing while preventing aerosols and keeping particles contained within the wastewater, keeping the surroundings clean and free of possible pollutants.

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  • Diffused Aeration – Fine and Coarse Bubble Systems

    Although diffuser selection is critical, equally important is the design of the air delivery system. Combining Aquarius' proprietary air distribution system manufacturing process with energy efficient disc diffusers differentiates us from every other diffused aeration system in the industry today. We specialize in two types of 9 inch disc

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  • Titus HVAC | Engineering Innovative Air Distribution

    Titus HEPA Room Air Cleaner (THRC) is the ideal solution to improve indoor air quality by providing continuous filtration within the space. When equipped with the optional Germicidal Ultraviolet light, the THRC provides superior defense against the spread of infectious airborne particles.

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  • Air Diffuser/Air Stone Water Aeration Equipment for

    Shop great deals on Air Diffuser/Air Stone Water Aeration Equipment for Hydroponics. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Shop a huge online selection at Fast & Free shipping on many items!

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  • Disc Diffusers For Wastewater Treatment Aeration Systems

    Disc Diffusers. Our aeration disc diffusers for sale and more have a worldwide reputation of precise engineering, innovative design, and dependable performance. Let our global service network support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our aeration disc diffuser replacements have industry-standard models compatible with a variety of brands.

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  • Air Diffusion Systems

    Air Diffusion Systems (ADS) fine bubble aeration has been installed at thousands of locations worldwide to promote natural and biological treatment of water and wastewater. HOW IT WORKS Bubbling from the bottom up, ADS diffusers recreate a river-like environment in bodies of water that lack oxygenation and mixing.

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  • Diffused Aeration Process | Wastewater Aeration Diffusion

    Diffused Aeration Devices. In diffused aeration, submerged devices release air or oxygen into the wastewater. As bubbles rise through the wastewater, (1) oxygen is transferred from a gaseous state to a liquid state – thus adding dissolved oxygen (DO) to the water and (2) they keep the microorganisms suspended, so they do not settle out.

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  • Hydroponic Systems

    Growers Supply stocks hydroponic growing systems, hydroponics kits, aeroponic systems, hydroponic gardening equipment, hydroponic air diffuser and grow lights. Hydroponically grown plants grow up to 50% faster and produce higher yields of better quality vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Hydroponic growing removes the need for soil, eliminating soil-borne diseases and pests, weeds, and the

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  • Aeration Diffusers

    Durable, efficient diffusers from Grainger can deliver valuable water aeration and oxygenation in residential, municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications. Fine-bubble diffuser tubes and disks can provide a high oxygen transfer rate.

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