specification Perforated Diffuser Available

Product Namespecification Perforated Diffuser Available
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • 0 Ceiling Diffusers Suggested Specification

    Diffuser shall consist of a perforated air distribution face of no less than 51% free area that extends 3/ 8 in. below the ceiling plane, a steel backpan with round / tegular inlet collars as noted on plans, and curved blade air deflector modules located in the neck of the diffuser.

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  • Type DCS | TROX GmbH

    Design ceiling swirl diffusers with perforated square diffuser face, for comfort zones with particularly demanding requirements of aesthetics and design. For supply air or extract air. Excellent aerodynamic and acoustic function due to fixed air control blades for horizontal swirling air discharge, creating high levels of induction.

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  • Catalog Home

    The 6500 series perforated diffusers use blade-type pattern deflectors mounted on the backpan and are available in pre-selected 1, 2, 3, or 4-way blow patterns. Individually adjustable curved blades allow field adjustment of the air pattern in each direction, which may be field set to any position between a vertical throw and a tight ceiling

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    The SSPLT-R Lay-In Perforated Return Diffuser is designed for lay-in applications. Stainless steel transitions are available in square, rectangular and round neck collars and can be supplied with optional dampers adjusted by unlatching and lowering the perforated face for access to the damper operator.

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  • Perforated Face Ceiling Dif

    Diffuser Specification Page 4 Plenum Box Specification Page 5 Model PD Page 6 –8 Model DFP Pages 9– 11Contents 2 .air-diffusion.co.uk Models PD, DFP and DPP Plenum Boxes. 3 A comprehensive range of ceiling mounted perforated face diffusers is available, including the redesigned Model PD, Model DFP drop face perforated diffuser and a

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  • Round spiral perforated ducts | Alnor

    SPRP Round spiral perforated ducts are available in diameters from 80 to 630mm; from diameter 250mm they are provided corrugations/exterior grooves for better tightness and rigidity under negative pressure. Shape, structure and size of holes” RV 5x8 (round holes 5mm in staggered row pattern, space between holes: 8 mm).

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  • Perforated Diffuser

    Product Description. Square Perforated Diffusers (PPD) are suitable for Supply Air ceiling applications where air is to be introduced with the maximum diffusion and minimum disturbance. Also suitable for Extract/Return Air applications. Available to give 1, 2, 3 or 4 way throw patterns.

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  • Perforated Diffuser at Rs 108/unit | Industrial Area

    Being a well-established organization, we are presenting a wide range of Perforated Diffusers. These products are made available as per client's specifications and at the market leading price. Constructions: Frame: High quality extruded aluminum profile with 30 mm flange width as standard. 12, 16, 24 mm flange widths are optional

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  • Perforated diffusers – L

    Removable central panel with perforated front, perforations at 3/16″ of diameter separated 1/4″ between each center. Round diffuser L-DR1000 as air orientator; Plenum and frame made of steel; Metal plenum with round neck; Available with 6′, 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″ diameter collars. High-resistance white paint finish

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  • M etal Ceiling Panels

    Components 5 Metal Ceiling Panels Acoustical Performance Perforated celebrAtion panels come standard with a black, factory-applied Acoustibond backer for enhanced sound performance. The Acoustibond backer is included on all perforated panels unless otherwise specified. This backer is also available in white. For even greater acoustical performance, fiberglass backing is available.

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  • Model Series 4310, 4320, 4325, 4330, 4340, and 4350

    Nailor 4310, 4320, 4330, 4340, and 4350 Series Perforated Diffusers feature a perforated face available in both corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum, with 3/16" (5) diameter holes on 1/4" (6) staggered centers, providing 51% free area. As standard, backpans are available in corrosion-resistant steel with an option of aluminum, and some premium models are available with

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  • Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling (JRC )

    The diffuser is available in size 595*595 for direct installation to the modular T-bar ceiling (600*600). Ceiling installation for standard sizes can be made above or below T-bars (Fig.1. and2.). The diffuser is connected either direct to the duct by screwing or riveting, alternatively to the Halton's balancing plenums Halton TRI or Halton TRH.

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  • PAR

    Fire rated option not available on quick ship; Suggested Division 15 Specification Perforated Ceiling Diffusers. Steel Model: PAR - Return, Flush Face . Perforated ceiling diffusers shall be TITUS model PAR (steel, flush face) for return. The return models shall have the same face and border construction as the supply models for harmonious

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  • Grilles and Registers | Dampers and Diffusers | Air

    Stat Aire, Inc. has 60+ years experience providing air distribution solutions such as grilles, registers, and diffusers for commercial, industrial & residential purposes. We carry a large inventory of the most popular products, and do custom orders as well to meet your needs.

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  • Perforated Diffuser

    The perforated diffuser face is attached to the aluminium frame with spring clips and is easily removed for cleaning without special tool. The diffuser is available in standard powder coated baked white enamel RAL 9010. Other finishes are available upon request. Features. Perforated face plate easily removed for cleaning

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  • Diffusers Table of Contents

    Linear Slot Diffusers (LINR) D 4 – 11 Adjustable Flow Diffusers (FAPF, VAPF, AABD, VAPS) D 12 – 21 Light Fixture Diffusers (LITE) D 22 – 26 Induction Diffusers (INDT, INDB, INCB, INSR) D 27 – 29 Perforated Diffusers (PERF) D 30 – 32 Mechanical Specifications D 33 – 34 Introduction In today's diverse building environment, we are

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    PERFORATED CEILING DIFFUSERS SUGGESTED SPECIFICATION: Models 4360, 4365 – Steel Furnish and install Nailor Model (select one)4360 Flush Face or4365 Drop Face, Perforated Return Ceiling Diffusersof the sizes and capacities as shown on the plans and air distribution schedules. The diffuser shall have a heavy gauge, stamped

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  • Perforated Ceiling Diffusers – Roofing Materials for Air Control –

    are called perforated diffusers or air diffusers. It is used as ceilings or roofing panels.Popular Specifications: Common hole sizes are 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4

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  • Model 7550: Perforated Ceiling Diffuser

    Series 7550 perforated supply diffusers have 4 adjustable pattern controllers mounted on the face of the diffuser; Series 7550 are square neck diffusers; The hinged, fully removable face allows access to the pattern controllers; Unit can be adjusted for 1-way, 2-way opposite, 2-way corner, 3-way, and 4-way patterns.

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  • Halton Jaz Perforated VAV ( JDE)

    The Halton Jaz Perforated VAV is an active ceiling diffuser unit for exhaust air. The air is exhausted from the space through the perforated front panel and the side slot of the diffuser. Maximum airflow rate is selectable and will be made with the movable balancing vanes in the diffuser.

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  • HRDP – Hinged Radial Diffuser

    The diffuser face simply hinges down for easy access to the interior for cleaning and sanitation. The HRDP-2 model introduces air in a semi-cylindrical 180º radial flow pattern, flushing a room with large volumes of clean conditioned air, minimizing entrainment and hence mixing with contaminated air, whilst still allowing low room air velocities.

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