Quotation Duct Damper specifications

Product NameQuotation Duct Damper specifications
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • Sample Engineering Specification for Lindab Safe®

    Sample Engineering Specification for Lindab Safe® I. GENERAL A. All round supply, return and exhaust ductwork shall be Lindab Safe® as manufactured by Linx Industries, Inc. (800) 797-7476. The duct system shall consist of fittings that are factory fitted with a sealing gasket and spiral duct which, when installed according to the manufacturer's

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  • DCG Series

    Specifications Manual Damper •ovides up to 25% fresh air Pr • Locking selection knob provides constant opening • Painted to match the unit • Fits all 7½ - 12½ ton package units in all fuels Motorized Damper •AC Damper motor with spring return 24 V • Fully assembled and factory wired • Painted to match the unit

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  • Duct Standards Manual

    Cooke Industries Ductwork Manual Part 1 - Duct Construction Standards Revision H – Apr 2019 1-4 4. Installation: All site works, including testing, are your responsibility.We stress that correct procedures should be utilised in handling ductwork on site to avoid damage prior to installation.

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  • HVAC Spiral Duct Pipe & Fittings | Sheet Metal Connectors

    Single Wall Spiral Pipe Specifications for HVAC Industrial Ductwork Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. spiral pipe is formed from a coil of metal into a rigid steel tube with a 4-ply spiral lockseam. It has smooth interior for low friction loss with the grooved seam entirely on the outside.

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  • CFD

    The CFD-01-ICB Fire Damper is an insulated Fire Damper used to prevent the spread of flame, smoke and heat through a HVAC system, in the event of a fire. The Fire Dampers in normal position are open allowing air to flow through the ductwork. The Fire Dampers shall shut in the event of a fire.

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    E. Duct Sealing, Air Leakage Criteria, and Air Leakage Tests: Ducts shall be sealed as per duct sealing requirements of SMACNA Standards for duct pressure classes shown on the drawings. F. Duct accessories exposed to the air stream, such as dampers of all types (except smoke dampers) and access openings, shall be of the same

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  • SMART ZONE™ Electronic Control Damper Speci˚cations

    Electronic Control Damper Speci˚cations APPLICATION: The model SE-CD is a rectangular commercial zone control damper assembly that includes a damper, ˜oating point actuator, duct temperature sensor, and actuator control board. The SE-CD damper is used with a S-T, P+I zone thermostat. Frame: 1/16” extruded aluminum

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  • KB Duct | Industrial Ducting & Ductwork

    KB Duct provides the widest range of ducting systems, individual components and application-specific duct solutions for industrial dust, fume, mist and air handling. We offer the fastest delivery on clamp-together duct from 3” to 24” in 22-gauge to 10-gauge, depending on diameter, and flanged duct in diameters you can drive a truck through

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  • NCA S900 SBD

    damper for small diameter circular ductwork. Read More Request a Quotation Diameter ( - Circular Single Blade Damper Specifications Design, construction and finish: Material:

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  • Installation Instructions Round Barometric Bypass Damper

    This damper uses an adjustable weight on an arm to hold the damper closed until the supply duct pressure exceeds a preset value. The damper then begins to open, limiting the duct pressure. The position of the weight on the arm determines the opening pressure.

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  • Fresh Air Intake In Forced Air System | Standard Work

    Specification. Existing forced air system duct leakage to outside will be less than 10% of the air handler flow when measured at 25 pascals with reference to outsideInstall a motorized damper or equivalent between the intake fitting and the return side duct connection. Damper will be open only when the air handler fan is operating

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  • NCA S900 SBD

    Description About NCA S900 SBD - Circular Single Blade Damper Simple control for small diameter ductwork. S900 circular single blade dampers are basic volume control dampers, designed to suit rigid spiral or flexible ducting up to 350mm diameter.. Supplied as standard with a locking quadrant for quick and easy blade position adjustment, S900 SBDs are manufactured from galvanised steel for good

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  • Duct Damper

    Duct Damper We manufacture custom and standard air exhaust rectangular and round silencers. Duct silencers are available in various sizes, shapes, length, and models which are suitable for HVAC systems, residential, commercial and industrial application. Duct silencers are widely used for reducing fan noise in HVAC applications.

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  • Technical Product Specifications

    Specifications General Information EVE/6 Undereve Vent® White Undereve-Vent® •clips for holding duct damper damper Undereve Vent® Undereve Vent® – For Bathroom

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  • 69

    Retrofit Round Damper (RRD) APPLICATION The RRD is a round damper that is easily inserted into rigid round ducts for retrofit zoning in forced air heating and cooling systems. It is available in four si zes for use in 5fl, 6fl, 7fl, and 8fl ducts. The damper is used with Honeywell Emm-3, Emm-3u, Tz-4, W8835 and similar zone control systems.

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  • Fire Dampers

    damper subframe building ties, which should be grouted into the surrounding wall or floor using cement mortar to till all joints. Dimensional data: For TFL model Z=(H-5)+110 For TFH, TFC, TFO Models 'Z' is as below mentioned If the Duct height is from 100 to 250 then Z=(H-5)+110 If the Duct height is from 251 to 750 then Z=(H-5)+155

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  • Damper Specifications & Resources • Kelair Products Inc.

    The damper shall be suitable for the system design conditions as stated in the Damper Specification Data sheet. The damper is to be designed for proper operation in the specified installed position. Construction.An access door in the duct near the damper is recommended for damper servicing if the damper cannot be easily removed.

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  • EBD Forced Air Zone Controls Electronic By

    EBD Specifications: PS4 Pressure Switch Set point Range -.1"- 4" W.C. Sensing Element - Reevecote diaphragm. Air Pressure Connectors - ¼"OD brass barbs included x2. Pitot Tubes - Included x2.Pressure Tubing - Included 16'. Power - 24vac @ 3.0va / 1.5w, required to pressure switch. Wiring - Pressure switch is factory wired to damper motor . Contacts - SPDT HD contacts rated for 10amp @ 120vac.

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  • China Duct Manual Damper, China Duct Manual Damper

    Hvac manual Silver colour Aluminum alloy air duct damper Construction: l Frame & blade: High quality extruded aluminum alloy(A6063) sheet. Description: l O pposed aerofoil blade operation l All operating gear out of ducted airway l Folded edge flanges suitable for clamp & sealing strips Surface Finish: l Anodized Size: Any size is available Item code Neck size(mm) Face size(mm) VCD-A 300x300

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  • Volume Damper – Duct Asia Engineering Co., Ltd.

    At Duct Asia Engineering Co., Ltd., we can design dampers made from steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and PVC. Options include manually controlled models, models with an electric actuator, models with a pneumatic actuator, butterfly dampers, louver dampers, and radial vane dampers.

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  • UFGS 23 31 13.00 40 Metal Ducts

    2.2.9 Duct Hangers 2.2.10 Mill-Rolled Reinforcing and Supporting Materials 2.2.11 Flexible Duct Materials 2.2.12 Manual Volume Dampers Damper Construction 2.2.13 Gravity Backdraft and Relief Dampers Blade Construction 2.2.14 Power-Operated Dampers 2.2.15 Fire Dampers and Wall Collars 2.3 MATERIALS

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